September 13, 2006

Rock's Grandpuppy

pit bullsLynn sent me these cute pictures of her dog Rock with a little puppy. At first Rock did not like the tiny creature but as you can see, they made friends.


COMMENT: Lynn writes
She is the offspring of Timber, his daughter by Jade. He now lets her do pretty much whatever she wants. Its not uncommon to see them trotting along together, then notice that she is sort of hanging from his face, neck or chest by her teeth. She just grabs a mouthful and doesnt let go. I don't know how he takes it, in the middle of a nap she grabs a mouthful and will twist, pull and play tug of war wit a big hunk of skin fat and fur... When she gets on his nerves he just kind of smacks her with his whole head and knocks her four or five feet across the room. Guess he has it under control (?!)

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