September 12, 2006

Mosby Cavalry Monument in Front Royal

obeliskA man in New Jersey emailed me after seeing my page on the monument in Front Royal commemorating members of Mosby's Rangers who were executed during the Civil War. He is giving a presentation on Civil War prisons and wanted a photo of the monument without people in it.

inscriptionI was able to locate this closeup view on my Year in Photos CD from 2003. The inscription reads “In Everlasting Honor of Thomas E. Anderson, ______ Carter, David L. Jones, Lucian Love, William Thomas Overby, Henry C. Rhodes, Albert C. Willis,
43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry, Mosby’s Command, C.S.A.”

John Singleton Mosby was a fascinating character. Famous as a daring Confederate guerilla leader, he became a productive American after the war, serving as a campaign manager in Virginia for President Grant, a U.S. consul to Hong Kong, a lawyer for the Southern Pacific Railroad, an employee with the Department of the Interior, and assistant Attorney General in the Department of Justice. He died in 1916 and was buried in Warrenton, Virginia.

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