January 30, 2006

Photos D. Harry Hammer

boy with dog

Before I leave the history of the Hammer family, let me share a few more photographs of my grandfather, David Harry Hammer II. We have several pictures of him as a child - obviously his family was fond of portraiture. The image with the dog is one of my favorites since he looks so cute and besides, I think dogs are special friends. This photo was taken at Varney (or Tarney?) studio in Chicago. On the back is written David Harry Hammer Jr. January 1901 - +"Romeo".

I'm including a picture of him in a Navy uniform because he served in the U.S. Navy in both World Wars. The note for this navy officerpicture says Mr. D. Harry Hammer on the bridge of the U.S.S. Wilmette ready to go ashore with the landing force.
Under that is written in pencil (arrow to above) Charlie's writing. I'm not sure of year - maybe 1930's.

D. Harry Hammer II wrote a book called Lion Six about building the Naval Base on Guam. It was published by the United States Naval Institute in 1947.

My grandfather was usually called Harry, but we called him Cap. I remember him as a caring and funny man. He played ragtime piano and had a collection of elephants figurines. Sometimes when we visited, he entertained us with model trains in his apartment. Sometimes he would startle us by blowing the whistle. Naturally we adored him!

harry hammer
1972 Photo, Washington, D.C.


  1. Hello, I cam across your post from 2006 regarding your great-grand parents' home in Chicago. I was doing some research today on their former home which you pictured on your site when the Henry family lived there beginning around 1894 (10 years before your G-grandfather passed). I cam across some tidbit information of their life in Chicago while they lived here in that home in which you may or may not be interested, including your g-grandfather's obituary. I started researching the home itself as it has been abandoned for years and is currently at risk for demolishing. If you are interested in the information I am happy to email to you.


    Cindy Marchessault

    1. Thanks. It would be a shame to demolish the building. It would be interesting to read more about it. I have seen the obituary.


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