January 31, 2006

Civil War Officers' Portrait, 18th Ohio

civil war soldiers My great-grandmother Emma's first husband served in the Civil War but died in a bridge accident a few years after the war ended. His name was Russell Carpenter and I inherited this picture of him with another soldier.

Below the image is written:
"capt. Carpenter - Seargt. W____ " (may be Wallace)
The rest is not legible - may end with 18th Ohio, Carpenter's regiment.

On the back over Carpenter's picture is written: "The Handsome man in the Regt." In the position of the other soldier's picture is written: " The aristocrat of the Reg." I don't know whether these comments were written by my great-grandmother or her daughter.

After Carpenter's death, Emma moved to Chicago and eventually met my great-grandfather, Judge Hammer.

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