November 12, 2005

John and Elizabeth Hammer, 1800's

Our public library is small but they offer a range of internet services, including access to genealogical sources. I found the following story about my great-great-grandparents:
"John and Eliza (Witmer) Hammer, both of whom were natives of Washington county, Maryland, the former born in 1806 and the latter in 1813. They were married in their native county, and in 1838 moved to Illinois, locating in Springfield, and there resided until 1842. John Hammer was a harness maker by trade, and was working at his trade while residing in Springfield. Leaving that city, he came to Ogle county and settled in Mount Morris where he continued to work at his trade for about three years. During that time he entered eighty acres of land, which was a portion of the farm now occupied by our subject. In February, 1845, he removed to the tract that he had purchased, erected a small frame house, and there resided while otherwise improving the place. He later purchased more land and had a fine farm of two hundred and forty acres. On his farm he commenced the manufacture of brick, which he continued three seasons, during which time he made the brick that went into his own brick residence that he had built. On that farm he continued to reside until his death in January, 1879, at the age of seventy-three years. "

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