May 8, 2024

Where Every Walk’s a Nature Walk

Seven Bends State Park

Nature changes with the seasons. This redbud along the Gokotta Trail is starting to leaf out. 

Some mallard ducks were floating in the river.

Dames Rocket was blooming. It has various other names, and is often mistaken for phlox. 

Charlie enjoys walking in the park because there’s always something interesting to sniff. I’m sure he can tell what other animals have passed through here. Beagles are known for their discerning noses. Perhaps you’ve seen them working in airports, finding hidden contraband by traces of smells.


  1. Glad to meet Mrs. Dames Rocket. Wouldn't have known by the flower, but the leaves are certainly different! And I had to enlarge the redbud to discern (not an HP screen here) the leaves being the pale yellow.

  2. Walks in the woods are always interesting.
    The tree looks very beautiful.
    Charlie seems to have enjoyed the ride a lot! Representative Photos!

  3. ...I'm waiting the arrival of Dames Rocket!

  4. Pretty park for your walk. I love the redbud trees. Cute Mallard photo and Charlie is always adorable. Take care, have a great day!

  5. Gotta love anyone with a discerning nose!

  6. Walking in the park is enjoyable.
    I like the photographs you've shared.

    All the best Jan


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