April 16, 2024

The Storybook Trail is Closed

George Washington National Forest

 Crisman Hollow Road has finally reopened and I drove down it on Saturday. Along most of the length of the road, the forest floor is blackened from last month’s wildfire. Many trees were scorched, but enough survived so it still looks like a forest. Crews have cut and removed countless trees that fell over the road or were about to fall. 

The Storybook Trail was damaged and is still closed. It is an easy trail to a scenic overlook and very popular.


  1. Pity that the bridge is looking very nice

  2. It will reopen soon enough and you’ll be able to watch the successional activity in the forest.

  3. ...sadly, this may be a sign of our future.

  4. Hopefully it reopens soon, and you can see the reforestation from any damage the fire may have caused.

  5. So sad that a fire damaged the trail area as well...hope the cleanup is done soon. And I also hope none of the boardwalks were damaged.

    1. The boardwalk at the top of the mountain was damaged. I’m sure they’ll fix it. This is a very popular trail.

  6. I do hope it will be able to reopen soon.

    All the best Jan

  7. At least it still looks like a forest and chances are the forest will regenerate soon!

  8. Oh, how sad about the fire in the wood!


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