April 24, 2024

Birding Beats Boring

This afternoon I spent over three hours in the dentist’s office. It was rough because I had two large cavities and both were under crowns. That’s how they got to be so large: they were hidden by the crowns and did not show up in x-rays for a long time. Both crowns had to be removed and replaced, which is why it took so long. (And also cost so much.)

My dentist now makes crowns while you wait, so I spent some time waiting in the small treatment room. Fortunately, there was a window with a squirrel feeder in view. There’s also a birdfeeder nearby, but I could not see it from my chair. I took out my cell phone when I saw a bluejay, but I never did get his picture because he flew away. Other birds were more cooperative, including this mourning dove.

A starling came by a few times, and of course a squirrel visited.

It was nice to see a downy woodpecker at the feeder. There were also quite a few house sparrows hopping around.
Wild Bird Wednesday


  1. I am happy that the birds kept you occupied and amused, and they were the only part of the afternoon that was free. Where else can you enter a commoner and leave with two crowns though?

    1. LOL. I have more crowns than the Tower of London.

  2. Ouch. That doesn't sound like a fun morning, except, you were able to watch some birds. My allergist has a bird feeder, and when I get there early for my shots, I love watching the birds too. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Glad there were birds and a squirrel to entertain you as you sat there waiting for two new teeth. I always have to come back weeks later for things that have been made elsewhere to add temporary permanence to my mouth!

  4. ...squirrel can take some of the fun out of it.

  5. These were all taken from you dentist chair? I think I need to find a new dentist. I never see anything exciting!

  6. Lovely photographs from your time at the dentist.

    All the best Jan


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