March 29, 2024

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

March 29 was chosen to honor veterans of the Vietnam war because the day in 1973 was when the last U.S. combat troops departed from Vietnam. It was an unpopular war. 

This memorial in the town of Fairfax honors local people who died in that war. One of them was a high school classmate, Cleveland (Butch) Harvey. I remember him as a good-natured and nice-looking boy. His mother owned a local gas station, and my boyfriend at the time worked there for a while.

That war was horrific, and very hard on my generation. Not only were many people killed, but many soldiers came back with severe injuries, illnesses, and PTSD. Some felt disrespected, because our presence in that war was not supported by most young people. I am understating this in order to cover the basic story without trying to explain a history that I will probably never understand. 


  1. It was an unpopular war because it was an unjust and unnecessary war that ended in ignominious defeat. I have visited Vietnam and to hear the people there speak of the American War is very revealing. It was, after all, their country that was invaded, not the other way around.

  2. Glad there is a day to honor the Viet Nam Vets...but it sure could use a bit more publicity. I saw a spot on Facebook, my first knowledge of it. Yes, I was a peace-nik, and yet I dated a man who had come home from that war, and gave all vets highest regard.

  3. ..wars are always horrific and this one heads the list.

  4. I have looked after a fair share of veterans from Vietnam war. Their stories were so sad and devastating to hear all the time.


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