February 3, 2024

New Blog for Unreality

I’m working on a new blog for computer-generated images, and also for posting my photos that are altered beyond reality. Imagecroft.blogspot.com will be a home for those pictures so that I don’t annoy or confuse my friends who prefer not to see them.

They are fun to create. Unfortunately, computer-generated images can be alarming because they can spread misinformation among the naïve. Of course, fake imagery has been around for a long time. There’s just more of it now.

When we learn how it’s made, we have the power to handle it better. Once you make a fake photo yourself, you won’t be naïve about it.


  1. ...I hope that you enjoy it, I'm not going there!

  2. AI shots can do some interesting things. I keep them for my personal collection

  3. Good luck with your AI adventures. I think I just probably am past learning another new thing.


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