February 4, 2024

Blog Post #8600

 Eight thousand six hundred: That’s a lot of posts! Perhaps it’s time to get serious. 

Actually, I had some serious thoughts a couple of months ago when I realized that my age meant I am getting old. Added to that, my blood pressure measured high for the first time in my life and I thought about how life is short. In five years, I will be the age that my parents were when they died. It doesn’t seem possible! Time passes so quickly. 

There is a strong chance that I will live longer than my parents. They were both smokers and wound up with breathing problems.

My Parents. They were sweet people.

I really should enjoy the next few years because who knows how long I will have the ability to get around easily. With that in mind, I decided the next few years should be:

Do I have the means and the will to make the years spectacular? How about the energy? Actually, there’s a lot that has been pretty special about my years so far. I see beautiful things all the time.

A benefit to taking pictures and blogging is that you have reminders of the wonderful things you have experienced. I have been very privileged. My parents gave me an appreciation of the outdoors, and the beauty that nature has to offer.

Mosaic Monday / Second Look

(Many of these pictures have been  seen here before.)

Have a good week and a spectacular year!


  1. A lovely photo of your parents. I hope you do have a spectacular year. Beautiful photos and mosaics. Take care, have a great day and happy new week!

  2. Both of my parents died at 76, so that is my goal age, hopefully a bit longer!

  3. Please do everything you can to make sure that your Spectacular Years are really spectacular. We look forward to coming along for the ride.

  4. ...keep enjoying each day as it comes along.

  5. Yes indeed, go enjoy spectacular years/days each and every one!

  6. You really do share so many beautiful photos and always have uplifting things to say. I definitely have less energy and stamina now that I am in my 70s. Whew...that even SOUNDS old! hee hee! Hugs!

  7. Lovely photographs.
    Keep enjoying each and every day.

    All the best Jan

  8. I am with you. I realize I have more days behind me than in front. I had a trying life so my goal is to make what is left great!

  9. Your parents look really nice in this photo! And of course I understand your attitude. I have no idea how old you are? I'm a pensioner and I know what you mean.

    And I am pleased about your contribution to

    Greetings from Heidrun


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