December 4, 2023

Monday Murals and Green

Here we have a mural that's in the Staunton Walmart. I give my daughter Lynn credit for the picture.

Monday Murals 

This afternoon I drove to Strasburg to take a couple of boxes of donations to the thrift store. I noticed the brightly colored entrance to Amy’s Lush and.Local Flowers. 

This mural has been on the side of that store since it was Pot Town Organics. Strasburg was once known as Pot Town because it had a busy stoneware pottery. 

Also in Strasburg is this building painted green and purple, an unusual color combination. 


  1. They are all great murals, but my favourites are the Staunton mural and the mural at the florist which is stunning too. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Linda.

  2. I'm not sure that green and purple works at all well. Not so the murals. They are fine.

  3. The Floriade mural is the most gorgeous

  4. Hello,
    The first two murals are beautiful. I think a black door would look better with that color green. Take care, enjoy your day!

  5. A splash of colour to brighten up the day.

  6. Replies
    1. Yes! I have also seen murals in two other Walmarts.

  7. Great looking murals. The colors on the building would certainly make us notice. Maybe that is what the owners were going for.

  8. The green and purple are really unusual.

  9. Wonderful discoveries! Two Target stores and one Costco (plus other options) are much closer to us than Walmart, so I have hardly ever been in the one here -- I wonder if it has a mural!

    best, mae at


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