September 27, 2023

Not Many Birds but the Views are Great!

Natural areas call to me. I’m addicted to scenic views and looking for wildlife. So I used an errand in Harrisonburg is an excuse to go by way of Skyline Drive. It takes quite a bit longer, several hours if you stop as often as I do.

I reasoned that I could take some pictures of birds. The only wild bird I saw was a vulture soaring on the wind currents. I could hear other birds, but they did not come out of the trees.

It was a cloudy day and Stony Man’s profile and was hidden in the fog. 

I stopped at the visitor center at Big Meadows. Look at this model owl! What a face!

There were chairs where visitors can sit and watch the meadow. Often you can see deer.

Silhouettes of birds are on the glass to alert birds that there is a barrier there.


  1. The last shot is so heart warming

  2. Those silhouettes on the window are not especially effective. Breaking up the reflection with dots works better.

  3. Beautiful scenes from the park, my favorite place to visit. Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. can't have everything.

  5. Glad you got to see the owl, and the silhouette birds! I love vistas, so am always happy when you post one!

  6. They are nice views :)

    All the best Jan

  7. Hello Linda :=)
    Beautiful scenic views, but I would never have guessed the figure was an owl.


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