May 17, 2023

Views from my Deck

My yard is small and I can see into my neighbors' yards. If I look to the left from my deck, I might see something at Wayne's birdfeeder, like this house finch.

I'm also likely to see one at my birdfeeder.

Charlie found something to look at in the yard to the right!

Looks like the groundhog is back. My neighbor told me last year there was one tunneling under her patio.

They are problematic creatures. Virginia law prohibits relocating wild animals to someone else's property. So if you don’t want them to destroy your garden or, in this case, a patio, your choices are limited. 


  1. Hello Linda :=)
    Oh I expect that a Groundhog makes quite large tunnels, not what you want near your patio or under your garden. Lovely photo of the House-finch, and Charlie.

  2. Interactions between wildlife and humans is a problem, but as we continue to occupy their habitat it is not going to get any better. Unfortunately, it generally does not end well for the non-human animals.

  3. ...groundhogs sure can be destructive.

  4. Pretty finches! Oh no, a groundhog! Such a nuisance. I like the photo of him giving the photographer a "bird".

  5. Precioso blog, me han gustado mucho todas las fotos. Saludos desde el norte de España.

  6. The House Finch is beautiful. Or handsome. ;-)


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