May 19, 2023

Man in the Mirror

Winchester, Virginia

This small building is in the Gardens of Glen Burnie. A mirror on the opposite wall looks like a window, at least until you get close.

Today some workers were setting up for a wedding and my phone’s camera caught one of them in the mirror.

The third shot shows an adjacent patio where tree roots have pushed between the bricks.


  1. Life will prevail on the last one.

  2. The forces of nature are unstoppable in the long run.

  3. Whoever bricked around that tree left it little recourse to get it's water!

  4. I love catching 'photo bombs' that happen when i least expect them.

  5. You made me think of the preparations for a wedding I passed this morning.

  6. Good mirror Reflection, Linda. We had some tree roots exposed, I cut a few out and covered the others. I guess the gardeners knew what was okay.


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