May 27, 2023

Charlie’s Memorial Day Weekend Report

Hi, it's Charlie. I have some complaints and some pictures of me for my fans. 

But first, Mom put a flag in our yard and it has a cat on it. I thought she should've gotten one with a beagle on it. But maybe this will help the cats to be more friendly.

Here I’m yawning because I couldn’t stretch out on my bed and sleep. Somehow it got pushed under the chair. It’s important that my mom stay with me all the time so that I don’t have these problems.

I don’t like it when Mom goes in the other room. If the door is open a little way, I can peek in to see if she is coming back.

When we ride in the car, Mom likes me to wear a harness. I don’t like harnesses at all. Fortunately, I know ways to take them off if they get too uncomfortable. I have even taken my collar off a few times.

There was an incident at the Fairview Dog Park that I did not like. Three dogs who live together decided to pick on me. I am not afraid of dogs that are twice my size, but there were three of them and I got scared. I ran to my mom and she saw that I was shaking so we went to the other section of the park where they couldn't get me. Since then, we have not been back to that park, but we went to the state park yesterday and to a different dog park today.

Mom likes walking by the river at Seven Bends State Park. I like sniffing all the smells. I keep a list of them in my head.

Today we went up to the dog park at Bryce Resort. I played with a nice dog named Georgia. She liked my red harness so maybe I’ll keep it a while.

Someone has set up a water fountain there for dogs.

The park is next to the library and the airport. There was a book sale outside the library today, and I met some friendly people.

I did not get a cheeseburger in the car today but I still behaved pretty well. I slept on the way home because I was tired. 


  1. That Yoan is incredible lol

  2. Sleeping in the car is a good thing for you, Charlie.

  3. Hello Charlie,
    I am sorry those big dogs scared you. It is nice you have a choice of dog parks to visit. The State Park looks pretty too. Wonderful photos of you and your Mama. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great Memorial Day weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  4. Sleeping in the car is probably a food thing, Charlie. That way you don't get up to any mischief. Do you ever get to be free of a harness?

    1. Yes! He does not wear one at home. He wears one in the car because he wears a doggy seatbelt that attaches to the back. It would not be safe to hook the seatbelt to his collar.

  5. Wonderful to hear from you, Charlie! Loved the selfie of you and Mom!

  6. Great photos of you, Charlie! You have a good life.
    best, mae at

  7. Nice shots and I love the yard flag!

  8. I enjoy your posts written by Charlie!

  9. Charlie is a fine dog, aren't you Charlie? I'm sorry your bed got shortened, have Linda tell you about how she used to short sheet her friends. She knows from that how hard it is to sleep when your bed gets to be shorter than you are.

  10. Well done Charlie, a lovely post :)

    All the best Jan

  11. Charlie is a very lucky dog.


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