May 29, 2023

A Few Thoughts about Freedom

This evening I stopped at Cracker Barrel to pick up a to-go order that I had placed by phone. I was greeted by a large display of patriotic items, ready to be purchased for Memorial Day or Fourth of July. There were even flag-themed baby clothes.

Mosaic Monday

Are we trying too hard to look patriotic?Are citizens imitating the game that politicians play, showing off flags in their neighbors in an effort to prove their patriotism? 

Or maybe we just like the colors. They’re good colors.

Here’s a quote for you:

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” - John F. Kennedy

And here’s another presidential quote. It’s making the rounds in response to current events.

“Don’t join the book burners.” - Dwight D.Eisenhower

There is a fascinating story behind the Eisenhower quote. He added it at the last minute to a speech at Dartmouth College, responding to McCarthyism. Read about it in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine


  1. Hello,
    I have passed by houses that have USA flags bordering the whole yard. Take care, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  2. One of the things that amazes people from other countries on a visit to the United States is the obsession with the flag and the sheer ubiquity of it. This kind of fervour leads to jingoism and xenophobia, and lots of that is on display now. It's a piece of coloured bunting, that's all.

  3. ...patriotic stuff from China!

  4. Unfortunately I now see the flags etc as a sign of MAGA Republicans touting their ideas of freedom, which are a laugh since they don't include people of color, immigrants, Democrats, and me.

  5. We have our flag flying this week and I love seeing so many here. Enjoy your day my friend!

  6. I agree with Barbara on this one.

  7. And props to Ike, who I've always had such respect for.

  8. Linda - there is no doubt that people, through the centuries, have twisted symbols for their own use. The swastika was a peace and friendship symbol with "American" indigenous people, long before Hitler claimed it.

    I love the flag and refuse to let MAGA people claim it for themselves.


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