April 30, 2023

Another Home in Flint Hill

The Warrenton Garden Tour featured homes near Hume and Flint Hill. This is a little confusing because Flint Hill is not in the same county as Warrenton, but it is not far from the county line so the Warrenton Garden Club hosted the tour. The luxurious manor home that I featured yesterday is near Flint Hill, and today’s home is across the road from it. It is a strikingly different other than having similar pastoral views.

This house is a livable size rather than hotel-size. The style is contemporary featuring natural wood and stone. I don't have interior photos because they are not allowed on the tour. The first room I saw was the media room, and it had a light show on the ceiling which I found dizzying. The main living areas were pleasant with rustic touches.

Note the rough logs on the porch railings. Even more unusual was the yard, which featured boulders and stone constructions. I don’t know what else to say about that.


  1. The view is beautiful. The rocks in the last photo look strange. Take care, have a great week.

  2. Always interesting to see how other people live.

  3. I would venture to say the owners come from the southwest, and missed that stony landsacape. Or something else. Strange in verdant lands!

  4. I do like the look of the place.


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