March 18, 2023

Pet Notes

This fanciful depiction of three critters attracted my attention because it was reflected in the window behind it. This is in the veterinary lobby.

Charlie continues to challenge me. He is a handsome little guy but he still seems insecure and also has a lot of energy.

I want him to wear a harness while riding in the car so that his neck is not endangered by wearing a doggy seatbelt. You can see him wearing his current harness, but unfortunately, he is able to wriggle  out of it rather easily. He has had other ones, which he either got out of or chewed through, or both. On Wednesday, he got out of a brand new one in just a few short minutes, and also chewed one of the straps almost all the way through. 

On a positive note, I found out that the three-legged kitty who visits our yard does have a home. I am relieved because we get some really cold nights.



  1. Charlie must really test your patience at times.

  2. Hello,
    Cute three piggies figurine! Charlie is adorable, I hope he stops the chewing. The kitty is cute, I am glad it has a home. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, Happy Sunday have a great new week! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  3. Charlie is SO handsome, and obviously an escape artist. Is his second name Houdini?

  4. ...the three little pigs are neat.

  5. Charlie is so cute but I know how hard puppies can be to train. I hope you can help him and enjoy him. LOVE the first photo. That is adorable!

  6. The little piggies are so cute. An imaginative fun sculpture! Poor Charlie. He needs a harness that feels like a second skin, rather than one that feels restrictive...which he obviously has problems with.

  7. Barbara had the same thought as me.

  8. Oh, Charlie is an "escape king" ;-) That says he's a smart dog - and he's cute too. I think with a little patience he'll become more obedient. The three-legged cat looks cute too - how good it has a home!
    Have a nice Sunday evening and a good new week!
    Traude 😘

  9. Poor Charlie — he has a mind of his own, but his choices don’t line up with yours. And he’s probably unable to grasp your explanations of his safety. Or maybe would trade off freedom for safety even if he understood. Cute,isn’t he!

    best… mae at


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