March 23, 2023

New Love Sign

Front Royal, VA

Signs / Skywatch

Signs saying LOVE are found all over Virginia, the result of a travel slogan, “Virginia is for lovers.“ This one is in front of a church on Luray Avenue. 

The letters go downhill a little bit, so I tried cropping and straightening the sign in the Photos app. You can see writing on the letters with messages such as “All are welcome.”

Not far from here is the northern entrance to Skyline Drive. At the first overlook, you can see Front Royal in the valley below. 



  1. Love the signs and the view! Take care, have a happy weekend!

  2. Dear Linda, the love symbols are a great idea ❤️ - I like them very much. I've never been to Virginia, but it would also make me feel very welcome.
    Much LOVE and have a nice weekend!
    Hugs, Traude 😘

  3. What a view from the high ground.

  4. I've see a couple of the LOVE signs in Virginia welcome centers on interstates, but none decorated like this one. Love the sign and the view of the overlook. Alana

  5. The LOVE sign is wonderful, and that's a beautiful view from Skyline Drive!


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