March 8, 2023

Bird Post #1085

Almost every week, I post bird photos. Wild Bird Wednesday encourages me to do so. Here’s a collage of some photos I have posted of northern cardinals. The greenish ones are females. Some people describe them as brown or drab, but I think they are beautiful.
I decided to see what artificial intelligence (AI) would create for this well-known bird. I asked for northern cardinal in the snow. I got all male cardinals

I switched to a different AI image creator and asked for a female northern cardinal in winter. It produced another male!

Fortunately, I had a page open describing six free AI “text to art” generators. I picked another one and typed the same prompt.  It gave me the final image that you see here, which looks like another male cardinal with a little extra olive green.

AI is artificial but I am not convinced that it is intelligent!


  1. Cardinals are such pretty birds. Wish we had them in the Pacific NW.

  2. Your birds are gorgeous! Al is a little bit freaky. I watched a reporter on the news calling his parents using an Al voice. You give it your voice sample and it goes on from there. The parents detected a slight difference. They didn’t know they were speaking to AI though. And it is only going to get better and better. Can you imagine what people with nefarious intentions could do with this? We are only at the tip of the iceberg.

  3. I think that people who describe a female cardinal as drab must be quite drab themselves, unable to appreciate subtlety and contrast. They are gorgeous birds!

  4.'s hard to beat red.

  5. The real female cardinals are lovely.

  6. Good test of AI to show it's shortcomings! Love all cardinals!


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