March 27, 2023

Art on a Garage and in a Museum

Winchester, VA

This floral painting on a garage was a pleasant surprise. I was driving near Handley High School after viewing an exhibit at the Museum of Shenandoah Valley.

The exhibit focused on artist John Chumley, who lived near Middletown, and painted many local scenes.

While in the museum, I happened to look up at the rotunda and took a picture of it.

This last shot shows Chumley's studio, a small mill he rebuilt at Vaucluse Spring.

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  1. Hello,
    I love the pretty mural and the art work. Chumley's studio looks nice.

  2. That reflection shot is very nice. Well done.

  3. I think I will ask for a mill for my birthday! I am quite happy to have someone else build it for me, and I shall insist on a few creature comforts, a wine rack amongst them! The whole idea is starting to sound wonderful!

  4. Very nice art on the side of the house/garage. I like the art, and am also always looking up at rotundas. Of course to be a painter in a refurbished mill would make one more artisitic!

  5. Thanks for introducing me to a new-to-me artist. That is a beautiful mural on that garage, too. Just beautiful photos, especially that reflection shot.

  6. Hi Linda, Sami here - commenting as my mother as I´m unable to comment as myself via my mobile phone. I´ll only be home next week, so hopefully I´ll be visiting and commenting again without problems.
    Lovely mural on the garage. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals. Sami


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