February 8, 2023

Birds , One Week Ago

On our only snowy morning so far, I took some pictures of birds at my feeders. Here we see a junco and a Carolina Wren. 

The wren is such a cute bird!

The snow didn't last long but the birds were hungry. I guess their natural food sources were covered with snow that morning.

I think starlings look interesting when in good lighting and you can see their speckled coloring.

Charlie was watching the birds too. He does not belong on that chair but he looked so handsome that I had to take his picture. 

The house finches visit regularly. There appears to be a family of them in my yard.

Wild  Bird Wednesday


  1. ...they seemed to enjoy the snow.

  2. The birds must have been so grateful for the food your provided for them. Great photos of them and handsome Charlie! :)

  3. Beautiful birds and handsome dog!

  4. Schöne Fotos, einschließlich des Hundes :-)
    Es ist wichtig, Vögel in dieser Jahreszeit zu füttern !
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Hello Linda :=)
    Gorgeous little bird visitors to your feeders. I also like the Starling's and Charlie's photo.
    Have a nice day.:=)

  6. Carolin Wren is becoming more common here each year. Lovely bird.

  7. Pretty bird and photos. The Wren is a favorite, along with Charlie. Take care, have a great day!

  8. Great to see your brief snow. Good shot of Charlie. And I love seeing your happy birds. I hear a chickadee this morning in the trees.


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