January 23, 2023

A Pretty Mural in Manassas

This afternoon I went to the endodontist in Manassas, and afterward I went back to a mural that I had spotted there previously because I wanted to take a picture of it.

Monday Murals

This is on the side of Washington Glass Fabrication. I could not get a picture from the car because there’s no place to pull over, so I had to park and walk to a vantage point. It was worth the effort. Note the Escher-style birds on the right.

The reason I went to Manassas was that my dentist recommended a specialist there for a root canal. Failures of this procedure are fairly common and this office has advanced equipment. I had the first part of the root canal (ouch) on my previous visit and this was a follow up. Unfortunately, there is still one nerve showing signs of infection, so I will have to go back again! (It seems unfair because I’ve always taken care of my teeth but I have had a lot of problems with them.) 



  1. That is a beautiful mural! Sorry about the root canal.

  2. Beautiful mural. I hope all goes well with your dental work. Take care, have a wonderful day and week ahead!

  3. The mural is very evocative and splendidly rendered. Root canal work sounds awful. The mere name makes me cringe!

  4. Beautiful mural. The red flowers look 3D. I like the plane flying by on the second photo :) Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Linda.
    Hope everything goes well with the root canal, it's a painful procedure.

  5. ...this mural is fabulous.

  6. The murals are awesome! Wouldn’t it be fun to be part of a mural painting crew?

  7. Wonderful mural, and I love the Escher-esque quality as well as the mixture of cultures in the woman's attire.

  8. Hello Linda :=) The mural is fabulous, I love it! I went to the dentist today to have my teeth cleaned, but a root canal procedure sounds painful, hope it went well and you are not in pain.
    Thank you for your visit and well wishes, it was very much appreciated.

  9. I enjoyed this mural and the Escher style birds were quite appealing. I like how you captured the airplane overhead, too. Sorry to read about your root canal. It sounds brutal.


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