December 27, 2022

Brick Building, Late Afternoon

Tuesday Treasures

 This building on N. Main St. is in the Woodstock Historic District. It is believed to have been built around 1870. 


  1. I like the looks of brick buildings. I grew up in CA, so there were very few (earthquakes and brick buildings don't coexist well), but we have a few in OR, but not tall. One very pretty church in town is brick. I like how the bricks can make patterns.

  2. Is the building currently in functional use or is it purely a monument?

    1. It is still used. There are many buildings this old. I liked the look of this one.

  3. It is a beautiful building. Take care, enjoy the last days of 2022!

  4. ...I'm a lot younger and I wish tht I looked this good.

  5. I'm always glad to see historic buildings well kept, and probably still in use. Virginia is the queen of that effort!

  6. How wonderful that this building from a long gone era has been so well maintained!

  7. I'm hoping this building is being kept up - our historic buildings are treasures. Alana

  8. A nice looking old building.

    All the best Jan


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