December 8, 2022

Along the Bass Bight Trail

Seven Bends State Park

You don’t have to walk far from the parking lot to find the latest adventures of Sadie and Kiko. This is a story trail, but the story is updated every season and the signs move to different locations. Children enjoy the story of two dogs at the park. The story is in both Spanish and English.

Also there is now a bench plus a fishing platform that is wheelchair friendly. The Friends of Seven Bends have raised funds for additional benches along hiking trails.


  1. ...I love the first picture.

  2. That's pretty cool. Volunteers can make all the difference in a place like that.

  3. Great way to engage children. Always a good thing. I bet they enjoy petting Charlie too.

  4. Cute photo of you and Charlie. The park looks like a nice place for a walk and to take photos. Take care, enjoy your day and happy weekend!!

  5. Did Charlie enjoy the story? Love your first photo, too. Alana

    1. He cannot read yet! He did not seem impressed when I told him about it.

  6. Good to see things that engage the youngsters.

  7. That is very cool. I've never heard of a story trail. My granddaughter would love it!

  8. A great idea and you and Charlie, that's a lovely photo of you both.


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