November 25, 2022

Let’s Cross the River to See What’s New

At Seven Bends State Park.

The children's play space now has a slide. I took Charlie with me but he did not try it out.

Also new is a merchandise trailer, a mobile store that is open during scheduled hours. Today it was open for the "Opt Outside” event. It will not open again until December 10, which will give park visitors one more chance to get holiday gifts.

Charlie went to the park with me and met some of the rangers and enjoyed walking around. It’s fortunate that the park is not very far from home because he wriggled out of his harness in the car again. He gets nervous when the car is moving and tries to get out of whatever is restraining him. When Marie was here, she rode in the backseat with him for a short ride and that calmed him down temporarily.

I’ll show you a few more recent pictures of the park. It is along the North Fork of the Shenandoah River.


  1. Linda, your park is sooo very pretty, even in the late fall and early winter without snow. Your first Reflection photo is my favorite, a place I'd like to be.
    The last few weeks I could not return your comments as I was traveling (posted a few on my blog today) and had only my "google banished" smart phone. I didn't want to carry the laptop which answers fine.
    Oh yes, it's too bad Charlie doesn't like to ride. I hope he grows to like car rides.

  2. Gorgeous view with most of the leaves gone

  3. had a fabulous day for our outing.

  4. Perhaps over time Charlie will overcome his aversion to riding in the car, especially when he understands that good things happen at the end of the ride.

  5. Perhaps someone riding in the back sear with him is key.

  6. Great to see the park at this time of year. Charlie needs someone to always ride with him in the back seat...just come pick me up any time! I'm available! (What a few hundred miles away, shucks!)

  7. What a nice park. I know you enjoy spending time there.

  8. Nice park! Great portrait of Charlie!

  9. The park looks nice. Charlie hopefully will get better in time.


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