October 5, 2022

Osprey in the Air

These pictures are from my files of unpublished photos.

Wild Bird Wednesday

Today I saw another bird fishing. It swooped down to the water quickly, not unlike the osprey. But it flashed bright blue feathers as it rose, so I believe it was a kingfisher. I did not have a chance to get a picture of it before it flew away.


  1. Aren't they so agile in the sky?

  2. Hello Linda :=)
    I'm not very good at recognizing birds in flight, and also find them difficult to photograph, but you did a good job in capturing these two.

  3. Hello,
    It is amazing to see both the Osprey and Kingfisher dive for their meals. Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. Human fishers are envious of their proficiency.

  5. ...I see some nests, but few birds.

  6. Love the flash of blue as Kingfishers dive to get their meals.

  7. Lovely to watch them ...

    All the best Jan


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