September 22, 2022

Yesterday with Allison and Charlie

Allison came by yesterday for a chat and to meet Charlie. She had just dropped her dad off after taking him to the beach for a few days. Later I took Charlie for a ride to the recycling center and also to the cheap car wash, the kind where are you use their pressure hose and wash the car yourself. He did fine with that so maybe in the future he will be okay with the automatic  car wash.

We are working on good behavior in the car. So far Charlie has chewed through three doggy seatbelts. Yesterday he did not choose to chew the belt but got it unhooked. A new “indestructible“ dog seatbelt has arrived and I hope that will work. Charlie is good-natured but he does not like riding in the back seat. It would not be safe for him to ride in the front seat because he would distract the driver. 

Here we see him in his dog booster seat/canvas box. He does not stay in it very long. Sometimes he gets the zippers undone and other times he just climbs over the wall.

Dusk comes earlier now as summer ends.



  1. Dogs like children have ways of doing exactly what you don't want them to do.

  2. Happy Equinox, official first day of Fall (started around 9 pm last night, so today I'm celebrating!) Wow, Charlie sure is needing training in order for you all to enjoy him!

  3. Hello,
    Charlies will learn, it is best for him to stay safe. He is so cute. Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. What a face! So adorable but smart. Too smart chewing through the seat belts, knowing how to unlock and undo zippers. Jeepers! Happy Equinox.

  5. Charlie's a handsome guy, but sounds like a handful!


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