September 27, 2022

Stump Cabin

Hardy County, WV

This log home is said to be oldest in West Virginia that is still lived in. It has been expanded and modernized but the original logs are still intact. The cabin dates to 1785, built by Leonard Stump. An earlier shelter was built by his father Michael Stumpf, in the 1740’s. In 1746 it was visited by a survey crew that included Peter Jefferson, father of Thomas Jefferson. Two years later, another survey crew visited on behalf of Lord Fairfax, and a member of that crew was the young George Washington, age 16.

In 1749, a land grant was issued to Michael Stump from Lord Fairfax, who administered a huge tract of land, much of which was wilderness. The property remained in the hands of the Stump family until 1973, when John Buhl purchased it.

You cannot view the cabin from South Fork Road, but it was open for Heritage Weekend. There is also a museum on the property that is open by appointment.

South Fork of South Branch of the Potomac


  1. Such history preserved here. Love the wooden equipment

  2. Leonard Stump seems like a great name for a guy who built a log cabin!

  3. ...what stories it could tell.

  4. How great to think of that family living there for generations. And I'm thrilled to see the early river flowing toward eventual DC.


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