September 12, 2022

Flight 93 National Memorial

Stoystown, PA

I had planned to post these pictures yesterday, September 11. Unfortunately Blogspot did not want to cooperate with my efforts, so I wound up doing a much shorter post.

Blue Monday / Treasures

The visitor center at the Flight 93 National Memorial is well worth a visit. The architecture at the entrance is impressive and lets you know you are in a sacred space. Visuals and sounds tell the story of the brave people who thwarted the terrorists’ plans but lost their lives. There are recordings that you can listen to but I chose not to, because the sights and memories are sad enough.

View from the Flight Path Overlook

Flight 93 National Memorial 



  1. Hard to believe what happened that day. I was talking with my son and we remember so clearly what we were doing when we heard, like it was yesterday. Your photos are very poignant, especially the little girl looking out at the field.

  2. I think we should stop using Blogspot and cooperate in the same sentence!

  3. Hello,
    The memorial is beautiful. Memories of that day seemed to be stuck in my brain. Take care, enjoy your day!

  4. Am amazing event, and I seldom think of those three flights when I get on a flight...would I have taken part in such a thing? Would I have had a choice?

    1. The minute I said three, I knew that was wrong. Four flights of Sept. 11, 2001.

  5. We went a few years ago when things were just starting to open back up. There was quite a line to get into the visitors center because they would only allow so many people at one time. This turned out to be a good thing because a ranger entertained us while waiting with some wonderful stories and facts of that fateful day.


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