June 19, 2022

Weekend Recap

I had a busy weekend and I'm tired. But first, let me wish all the dads a Happy Father's Day!

On Friday I made an unscheduled trip into Fort Valley on behalf of Lynn, who had injured her ankle and could not go out to pick up an antique radio that she won in an online auction for $8. It wasn't that far for me and the location was a nice old farm. And as a bonus for my good deed, I saw a bald eagle flying over Fort Valley Road. It's the second time I saw one there and again it was not possible to get a picture.

After that I did some shopping in Herndon, which is a fairly long drive from home. I had tried to avoid it but could not get the items online.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Basye taking pictures of an event at the library. I used to do this ten years ago when we lived up there, but after moving to Waterlick it was too far away. Now that I live closer, I was glad to accept Mona’s invitation to do this again.

She had not conducted the children’s programs during the worst of the pandemic but at long last she organized a special event: members of the college league team from New Market came to share their love of baseball with kids. 
The ballplayers read some baseball stories to the children, went outside for some kid-size practice, and enjoyed snacks. It was great fun!

Then today I helped to staff a table at an event in Strasburg. I helped the Friends of Seven Bends State Park give away stickers and brochures and publicize classes. Fortunately it was a beautful day. Next to us was an exhibit for North Mountain Animal Rescue, and their exhibit was very popular, for they had animal ambassadors to show to children.
Rescued Parrot


  1. ...you sure had a busy weekend.

  2. Hello,
    The weekends go by so quickly, especially when you are so busy. I would like the animal rescue exhibit. Take care, have a great new week!

  3. Maybe it just me, but I am struck that I never see a person of colour in your pictures. Is there no social interaction at all between the races?

    1. Shenandoah County is 84.4% white, 8.4% Hispanic, so finding a camera subject who is obviously non-white is not common unless I travel slightly north. You can find non-white persons in my posts though, sometimes in my Skyline Drive pictures and in visits with my nephew’s family.

  4. A busy weekend indeed. It's excellent that you will once again will be taking photos of the events.

  5. Great photo of the rescued parrot. It looks happy to be with this lady.

  6. Looks like you had a real nice time.

  7. Animal ambassadors are a good thing.

  8. Yes, it certainly sounds a busy weekend.

    All the best Jan


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