June 16, 2022

Long Awaited Ribbon-Cutting

Seven Bends State Park finally had it’s official opening on Tuesday. The park has been open for a couple of years but there was no ceremony due to covid. 

Governor Youngkin gave a nice speech and encouraged more people to volunteer in the parks.

Virginia State Parks are celebrating their 86th anniversary. We now have 41 of them.

Seven Bends State Park is in Woodstock. It’s name comes from the twisty nature of the Shenandoah River. The park has two entrances. You have to drive down a steep hill and cross a low-water bridge to reach either one. 


  1. ...for me, having Governor Youngkin there would have been the low point of the day!

  2. Can't have too many state parks or too few Republican governors.

  3. It is wonderful to see a natural place being officially protected. In our Florida home, every bit of open space has now been developed. The only park in our section of the city has been turned into an entertainment complex with loud concerts and no space for the promised nature paths.

  4. That's great...having parks along a river help so much when there are floods...the land has someone to care for it. And of course having access which is kept clean is another plus...assuming the park service has enough employees.

  5. Nothing better than opening a new park!


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