May 16, 2022

Stories On the Walls

Recently I was in a convenience store and noticed a wall was covered with an illustrated history of the chain. It was something I was curious about because the first Sheetz store I’d  seen was in Romney several decades ago. Since then the chain has expanded and I have stopped in many of their locations because I can count on finding a decent restroom and a cup of coffee. Here I learned that their first location was in Altoona, Pennsylvania 65 years ago.

I have read elsewhere that the name Sheetz was derived from the name Schultz. Here in the Shenandoah Valley, there have been families named Sheetz for over 250 years. (See my post about the last Indian Settler Conflict.) 

Well, that is interesting but not as artistic as most murals, so let me share some art from my own collection to make up for it. I bought the vertical painting many years ago when we lived in Alexandria. The signature appears to say Sylvia Barnes. I’m not sure anyone else likes it; it has gotten some quizzical looks over the years. 

Let's see what else is hanging on my walls. The sheep picture is made from wool and I bought it from the artist.  The blue picture is a collage that I bought when a gallery in Mt. Jackson was closing. The white goose picture is one of my photos. Next to it is a mirror that looks like a window that I got to brighten the hallway. 

The long painting over a door is by Keith Patterson and I bought it in Berryville. The sunset photo is one I took at Tom’s Cove, Assateague Island. 

I have more pictures that I have not hung yet, and I don't know where I'm going to put them all.


  1. Linda - I enjoyed seeing your personal art collection. You never know when you might have a multi-million dollar piece of art! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  2. I have collected art over the years and have more pieces than I have wall space. I actually gave a piece to my oldest grandson recently.

  3. ...I've seen Sheetz in my travels.

  4. I am among those who have diminished spaces on walls, and a huge mirror box full of the ones that don't fit. Most aren't even framed, but are at least matted. Need to start giving those away, don't I!!

  5. Nice mural with the history of the chain store. My favourite is the sheep picture with the wool. Because I used to paint I have loads and loads of paintings and have 2 gallery walls - plus another wall with family photos. One day when I downsize I will have to give them away or sell them. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Linda.

  6. This was such a fun way to display your private art collection! There's a whole big storage area at our daughter's barn full of framed pictures that we had in the "big" house in Oregon (as opposed to the RV we moved into when we sold it). I've fished a few out now that we live in a cottage here and an apartment there, but still less wall space than the house did. They are among the few things I can't bear to sell or give away.

  7. Clever idea, incorporating the wool into the art. :-)

  8. I enjoyed learning about Sheetz and loved your own art. It is lovely.


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