May 6, 2022

Flowers, Landscapes, and Lynn.

Floral Friday: Iris in Black and White.

Yesterday Lynn came over and helped me add phlox to the garden. She also put up my new shower curtain.

Tonight she had to deal with a tornado warning. She and her dog took shelter in a neighbor’s basement.

Since it’s Friday, I’m sharing a few leftover photos from this week, starting with a small mill pond in Clarke County.

The framed scene is actually a window view in Riverton.

The bush with white flowers is growing next to my deck. The info app on my phone identifies it as a red twig dogwood.

Below that we a have a landscape at Blandy, followed by some irises.


  1. Beautiful photo of the white iris - you even caught a weevil!

  2. Beautiful irises and the pond is really idyllic.

  3. ...I socially distance too.

  4. Beautiful Irises - the black and white photo and the color photo too
    Love the 'framed' scene!

  5. Gorgeous color (and monochrome)!!


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