May 8, 2022

Bird Shadow

Do you ever stage a photo for a particular subject? A week ago the CDP theme for the first of the month was "shadows" so I staged this shot. Then I saw that I already had one that I wanted to use so this one languished until now.

It looks intriguing but it isn’t a real bird.
Shadow Shot Sunday 


  1. What a beautiful carving! I'm glad you shared both the object and its shadow!

  2. Very nice shadows Linda. The bird is beautiful.

  3. Staged or not, ir's a fantastic shot.

  4. I would love to have that sculpture.

    1. I actually bought it in a thrift store!

  5. That's clever Linda! I have tried to get pictures of (trsl) bird shadows as they flew over a beach, but it has never worked... I need one that stands as still as yours did!


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