April 27, 2022

Sky Meadows in April

Monday was a pretty day and I needed to shop, but I made time to stop at Sky Meadows State Park near Delaplane.

The visitor center there has both a shop and a nature museum. You can see what some of the local birds look like, such as a
Bluebird, Baltimore oriole, Screech owl, Barred Owl, Wild turkey. There are other critters too, including  a red fox and a turtle.

I was tempted to buy a sticker or two. 


  1. Very interesting! Love those stickers!

  2. ...the old apple tree silhouetted against the blue sky is neat.

  3. I especially like the sticker that says "I'd rather be lost in the woods than found in the city."

  4. Lovely to see your spring trees and tulip! Well, your photos of them! Old skillets on wall of logs is very nice too.

  5. Lovely photos! We travel by Sky Meadows every now and again. We need to make it our destination as I would enjoy going through the visitor center.

  6. I like those stickers. I'd rather be lost in the woods.

  7. Very nice photographs, the trees look lovely.

    All the best Jan


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