April 29, 2022

Love and Rockets by the River

When I go to the Food Lion shopping center in Woodstock, it’s a short drive to Seven Bends State Park. Yesterday I decided to visit the Lupton Road section of the park. I took a picture of the LOVE sign which is constructed of beams from a barn that once stood there. (See the barn in 2018.)

 When I took a picture of the purple “dame’s rocket” and then took one of the tall yellow flowers, I did not realize that they were both members of the brassica family (mustard). The yellow plant is sometimes called yellow rocket and it was brought here by European settlers because it provides edible greens early in the spring. I just learned this after I clicked on the Info button in my photos app. 

Dame’s rocket looks a bit like native phlox but has four petals while phlox has five.


  1. What a lovely way to save some beams from that old barn! Rocket greens are great in a salad.
    (I removed the extra link for you)

  2. The Love sign is great! Wishing a good start to May.

  3. Lovely pics, especially the river.

  4. Dame's Rocket is a very attractive plant, but highly invasive.

  5. Ah, that's why they reminded me of mustard! Good to know the Rockets now! Loved the river scenes...I just take a sigh and want to watch the water flow on by.

  6. ...we need all of the love that we can get.

  7. Salvaging the barn parts was well worth it.


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