March 24, 2022

I Got a New iPad

My daughter Marie sent it to me. My kids are so nice! And Lynn brought some friends over today to put up a ceiling fan for me and help with some other tasks.

Some of you may know that an iPad is not an ideal blogging tool. This one, a 9th generation, does better than the old one in that I can post more than two pictures. Unfortunately, I haven’t got the hang of using it yet, and I hit something and deleted the whole page so I had to start over. Anyway, I have a few amusing things that I saw while shopping / mostly browsing in thrift stores. 

Signs linkup


  1. ...I wish that everyone understood the first one, how true!

  2. I have not tried creating a blog post on an iPad, and I doubt that I will.

  3. These pictures are all very amusing.

  4. My iPad is so old, I can't get it to recognize my current blog, it tries to link me to the one I discarded many years ago, and I can't seem to change it. These are cute funny things, but why does the Bunny girl have her tail in her front, I must wonder!

  5. Funny signs. Good luck with your iPad.

  6. i gave up FB and instagram. i think it is now 6 wks ago ...and i have never been happier!! way awesome. and a huge thing i think a lot of folks could do to make their lives way better. FB is a waste of time. but i guess i shouldn't take away from any one if that is so what they enjoy. to each his/her own. take care. happy weekend. ( ;


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