February 27, 2022

Ukrainian Catholic Church, Front Royal

There was a notice in a local newspaper inviting people to services at the Ukrainian Catholic Church. I noted the address and stopped by to take a photo. I was expecting a fancier building.

Inspired Sunday / Shadow Shot Sunday

This church is named for the legendary parents of Mary, mother of Jesus. (I did not recognize the names until I looked up Joachim just now.) 

I wanted to post a picture of this church in honor of the people of Ukraine, who are struggling at this time. 

Not far from the church I saw a small lake.

The message in Daily Word for tomorrow is on Peace.


  1. Nice little church. Yes Peace is what we all need

  2. The people of Ukraine must look askance at the United States right now when they see a former president, many republicans and some news outlets openly supporting Putin, a Russian megalomaniac.

  3. ...we have several Ukraine churches here that look like they are straight out of the old country.

  4. i am trying to recall which comedy said this ..now it is meant to be funny. always humor there. instead of world peace "world peas" ...hope it will make folks laugh. laughter is the best. ( :

  5. Yes to peace! :)


  6. I think its simplicity is appealing.

  7. What a perfect post for this fraught time. Thank you for that. I certainly join in your sentiment at the end.

  8. What an appropriate series of photos for our war-torn times! Thank you.


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