February 20, 2022

A Long Building and an Old Balloon

The First Baptist Church in Woodstock is such a long building that I had to take a panoramic photo to get it all in. It looks like they built a modern addition to the left of the original church building.

Inspired Sunday

This afternoon Lynn came over with her friend Travis with the goal of installing a deadbolt lock on my back door and putting a peep hole in my front door.  (Previously Lynn had gifted me with a doorbell camera that turned out to be faulty, so she is trying to return it, and I felt a peep hole would be adequate instead.) Travis has home improvement skills and was able to drill into both metal-reinforced doors and install the items. 

I posed with a balloon that Lynn gave me in 1984. Travis said that was the year he was born! 



  1. Oh you can do pano without the curve happening! I'm impressed, as well as seeing that church which just goes on and on. Great to keep that beautiful balloon all this time...or was that just a photo shared? Good to feel secure in who's visiting with those door improvements!

    1. My daughter took the balloon photo yesterday.

  2. It's nice that there is someone who is willing to help install items that you need. Enjoy the new week, Linda.

  3. i would have been 6 yrs old in '84. what a great year. i recall it was a fun time growing up. sounds like u r busy with much going on. warmer temps around here. enjoying that. windy over the weekend. glad that is gone. it was nuts. take care. ( ;

  4. Gotta love friends who share their skills and daughters who share the friends.


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