January 5, 2022

Squirrels, Birds, Snow.

The two squirrels were squabbling over access to the bird feeder. This is a cell phone shot that I grabbed before one of them ran off, defeated for the time being.

The only bird picture I got from Monday's snow storm was a cardinal and it was too blurry to post. Instead here are a couple of birds from my files. 

We don't get a lot of snowy days but they can make fun photos. Birds stand out against the snow, like this starling and the sparrow. 

Our snow is melting quickly but there is chance we'll get more tomorrow night.


  1. ...it looks like you have more snow that we have!

  2. I understand about the squirrels. I spend so much time trying to keep them away from my feeders.

  3. Squirrels will one day rule the world!

  4. The squirrels must be very hungry to squabble. We have them here too jumping from flower pot to pot looking for food. The birds look "plump" for winter days but I guess they are just fluffing up to keep warm. Happy New Year

  5. Squirrels will always look for opportunities.

  6. I enjoyed your bird photos and the squabbling squirrels! We have those hear too :)

  7. Wish I had snow. Thanks for sharing your snaps. Have a wonderful 2022!

  8. At the moment no snow where I live, but we do have squirrels in the garden :)

    All the best Jan


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