January 9, 2022

Lexington to Clifton Forge

Yesterday I showed a restaurant in Lexington where Marie and I stopped on the way to a funeral for her father, my first husband. We divorced long ago, but the trip was not without sadness.

Here is Grace Episcopal Church in Lexington. It is next to Washington Lee University and not far from VMI.  You can read the "Grace Church" marker on HMDB.

Shadow Shot / Inspired Sunday 

From Lexington we drove west on I-64 through the mountains.

Outside the funeral home we were greeted by Lynn. She lined up Marie, their cousin Lemuel, and herself for a photo. Lemuel once lived with us for a while so he was something of a big brother to them. 

There were photos of George on display. Some I took long ago when we were a family. I had scanned them for Lynn and she had them printed. 

He was a strong and colorful person. He lived 78 years in spite of having several serious conditions. But is this all? A box of ashes and some photos? I wiped away a tear and sat down for the service.
I was surprised to hear that George became an enthusiast gardener and cook in his later years. The preacher went on to preach a bit too long, trying to save some souls. But he wore a plaid shirt while he preached, which felt appropriate because George did not like pretentiousness. 


  1. Funerals are sad but enduring as we remember the lives of those we lost. I pray his family is comforted by the service.

  2. Many preachers love the sound of their own voice more than anything else!

  3. I understand that your daughters have lost their dad, and you can feel the sorrow of how your lives were entwined there for a while. Good looking photos, and I'm sorry the preacher was preachy! Love seeing your mountains, the tails of which are near me and have no snow.

  4. I am glad you were there to support your daughter. And that you remembered some of the good things.

  5. Sad time. Beautiful church.

  6. Lovely landscapes. Thanks for sharing with Garden Affair.


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