December 31, 2021

Ringing in the New Year

...Without Much Enthusiasm 

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Black and White Weekend
Although I'm glad to see the year 2021 draw to an end, I'm disappointed in 2022 and it hasn't even begun. The pandemic is still with us.The omicron variant has been spreading quickly and many hospitals are overwhelmed with patients. Supposedly it is less severe than previous versions of Covid 19, but it is still too early to know for sure. I am avoiding places that may be crowded. 

So our hopes to resume normal life after being vaccinated will not be fulfilled.  We had a taste of normalcy and now we have to be cautious again. Of course, I am staying at home tonight, New Years Eve. That's okay, I'm not a party person anyway. 

I do have some bright carnations to show you. This is part of an arrangement our neighbors gave us.

Skywatch / Reflections

This evening I picked up a small meal at a drive-through. The dining room at Wendy's is closed, apparently due to a shortage of staff. I read that one reason so many places cannot find enough employees is that many people retired during the pandemic. When you consider that many "baby boomers" are now in their 60s or 70s, it makes sense that they would retire rather than risk catching covid at work. If I were not retired already, I would have done so. 

I hope all my friends are doing well. Please be careful. Best wishes for a good year in 2022!


  1. I'm hopeful that 2022 will be a better year than 2021. Have a Happy New Year!

  2. Hope the new year will be a better year than last 2 years. Take care and stay safe. Wishing you Happy and Healthy New Year.

  3. It's going to be a while before things really improve, I'm afraid. Still, we must keep hoping ...

  4. Take care and stay safe! I wish you all the best in 2022, a happy and healthy New Year!

  5. Nice sky photo!
    Happy New Year!

  6. ...and too many employers think that they can pay starvation wages !

  7. I am also disappointed that our summer freedom has gone. Now I don’t dare do else than grocery shopping. Sad. But let’s hope for better times in 2022.

  8. A Wendy's Sky!!
    It seems the tables have turned on the power between employees and employers. I could go back to work tomorrow if I wanted, I just don't want to do so.

  9. Happy New Year! My hope for 2022 is that the pandemic finally ends.

  10. Your carnations are brightening up my new year morning , I know the crisis situation of covid is still with us and it would be safer to avoid gatherings . Thanks for joining in Garden Affair.

  11. I smiled when I saw your headline. I feel exactly like that, but we have to do the best of it anyway.
    Take care!


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