December 6, 2021

Mosaic of Seven Bends State Park

The first panel of a series of mosaics has completed and is in the window of the Chamber of Commerce in Woodstock, Virginia. The North Fork of the Shenandoah is in the foreground and the Massanutten Range forms a backdrop. 


  1. It must be quite intricate to work with the various mosaic shapes and colours and turn it into a beautiful mural. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals, Linda.

  2. These are so gorgeous! I wish more people spent time making things more beautiful, don't you!

  3. Oh Linda, these mosaics are stunning. I love the community came together to build this.

  4. What a wonderful joyful idea! And wonderful and beautiful results!@

  5. Linda - Wow! This is the sort of community project that I would love to be part of! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  6. Very nice colors in these art works.

    best... mae at


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