November 18, 2021

Three Signs and a Sky

"I followed my heart. It lead me to the fridge."

Borden's Lumber and Hardware changes their sign every month. With holidays coming, remember to shop local. 

Apple Valley Animal Hospital also changes their sign regularly. Sometimes I drive past there just to read the sign. 

Sharing with Signs 2 and Skywatch.

All of today's photos are iPhone snapshots. The night sky image held a surprise for me.

See the little blue moon above the trees? I did not see it when I took the picture, but it appears in all four of the shots I took of the moon. (I took extras in case some of them blurred too much, which two of them did.) I guess the blue light is some sort of the reflection on the front of the phone. 


  1. Hello,
    Great signs, I like the message from the vet.
    Pretty moon photo. Have a great day!

  2. ...the first one is all too true! Thanks Linda for sharing.

  3. We may shop local, but many of the goods in the store are made in China.

  4. Once in a blue moon! Fantastic!
    Lovely signs.

  5. The blue dot is something called lens flare, and I get it on some of my photos (all of my photos are iPhone photos), too. It's not a defect of the phone. I chuckled at the the heart and fridge sign. Alana

  6. Love the first one. Is that two moons

  7. The mysterious blue moon. Almost like the photo was taken from another planet!

  8. Greetings and Salutations! Sweet signs!


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