November 24, 2021

It's Thanksgiving Eve.

This snapshot goes back a long way. Little Marie is posing with art she made in school for Thanksgiving. She won't be spending Thanksgiving with us tomorrow because she is traveling.

I haven't filled my bird feeders yet because the weather has not been cold enough to send the bears into their dens. Bears like bird food and not only help themselves, they will pull the feeders down and crush them. Thus I don't have bird close-ups today so I'm sharing some pictures from last December.
bird on suet feeder

The bird on the suet feeder is a nuthatch. The red bird is a male cardinal. He likes sunflower seed.

Below that we have two mourning doves browsing on the ground. 

If you celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, best wishes for a lovely holiday.

two birds


  1. Love the sweet birds! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. ...Linda, I hope that your will have a wonderful day.

  3. Best to wait until the bears are sleeping.

  4. Love your birds. I'm watching various parades this morning on TV...what fun! Have a great Thanksgiving!


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