October 5, 2021

Spruce Forest Artisan Village

We were here four years ago and I did not get around to posting photos. The village was so cute that I took more photos than I knew what to do with, so they languished in a folder called 4October2017. (I arrange my photo folders by month and year.) 

Did you ever look up information for a blog post and find bad news? 

In April 2020, Grantsville, Maryland, was hit by a devastating storm that blew down the tall spruce trees that defined Spruce Forest Artisan Village. Many buildings were damaged and some, like this small covered bridge, were destroyed beyond repair. 

You can read about the damage and rebuilding efforts on the SpruceForest website

This village contains historic buildings that were moved here to preserve them. It is next to Casselman's Bridge, which I did share in a post shortly after visiting there.


  1. ...it's out of a story book.

  2. I hope they are spared further storms.

  3. Photos let us travel back in time.
    Have a blessed day!

  4. Beautiful trees, what a sad thing they were blown down, as well as those sweet little buildings. I saw a long haired potter there too!

  5. I'm happy you still have these photos. Such a sad thing to lose such treasures.

  6. Você é bem organizada, as vezes nem sei o que postar!
    A fúria das tempestades causam grandes danos , uma pena! bjsss


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