September 12, 2021

Reluctant Model

After my daughter Lynn set up the iPhone SE for me, she told me that the camera has a portrait mode. Of course I wanted to try it but she does not like posing, so of course she made faces. Both of my daughters do this. I guess I wore out my welcome as a photographer of them many years ago.

I guess this color shot is the best she was willing to do.

These pictures are taken in the same natural lighting. The first one demonstrates the phone's setting of “stage light mono“ and the second one uses “stage light.“ I must say I was amazed.


  1. ...some hate to have your picture taken.

  2. Love the first photo!
    My father took many (MANY!) photos of my sister and me as children, and then I married a photographer as did my sister. ;) I feel for your daughters - but we MUST take photos!!!

  3. IMO portraits are the most difficult area in photography. I find it very difficult.

  4. Yes, my kids do the same thing when I want to take their pictures. I've taken so many photos of my daughter over the years that she jokingly says I've "stolen her soul." Camera phones these days are amazing!

  5. I can relate to being self conscious about having my photo taken.


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