September 25, 2021

Quick Snapshot from the Car

This photo was a surprise when I saw it on the computer. Usually pictures quickly taken through the windshield turn out to be disappointing, but I like this one. It looks a bit surreal, with a figure on the roof and the edge of the windshield cutting through at a diagonal.

Black and White Weekend

What was this about? Well, we had just filled up the gas tank and as we were pulling away, I saw that the adjacent fast food place was closed for remodeling. A man was working on the roof. I stopped and snapped a picture with my phone because I wanted to remember to tell my neighbors that McDonald's was temporarily closed. (This drive-through restaurant is very popular because many people still believe it is cheap and fast.) 


  1. and fast sure is popular.

  2. Great catch! He's so casual, just standing there.

  3. I haven't been to a Mickey D in years.

  4. That is a good capture, and it works well in b and w.

    All the best Jan


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